Fearless Believer

Ever since Stephanie was a young girl she knew she was destined to help others. She had always been drawn to her peers who were new to the class to welcome them or to any other peers who needed comfort and support. After watching an actor portray a psychologist in a television series, Stephanie realized that was the profession she wanted to pursue. Stephanie was on track to her dream profession and then life happened.

She enjoyed working as an educational assistant for many years; however, her desire to become a psychologist had never diminished and she wanted to help children in a different capacity. After experiencing many challenges and hardships in her life, Stephanie decided to persevere and pursue her dream. She is currently a master’s student and is eager to begin her journey in the field of psychology. Stephanie has vast experience working with children and adolescents especially those with special needs. She is aware of their unique needs as well as believes every single child has potential and value. She strives to help the children and adolescents she works with to reach their full potential and to help them become the best version of themselves.


ASD, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Parental Support, Psychoeducational Assessments