Welcome to the personal library of Zafire Fierro.

Few things will change your life more profoundly than the right book, at the right time. Setting some time aside each day to dedicate to your self-improvement goals and quiet reflection can be a game-changer in the fast-paced, modern world in which we can learn to thrive.

Clicking on the products below will take you to Amazon where you can purchase the books and products that I have found valuable in my own life. Referral fees fees generated from the links go toward our FireWood program which allows those committed to their healing and growing to continue in treatment despite insufficient funds.

Like you, I don’t have as much time to sit and read as I would like. That’s why I love audio books as a way to learn and stimulate my mind while doing mundane chores around the house, driving etc. I became a member of Audible a couple of years ago and haven’t looked back since.


Personal Development


BPD (Borderline Personality) and DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy)


A free option that I also highly recommend is the Course in Miracles, which can be found at https://holybooks.com/a-course-in-miracles/


Other things that can be found in my library and I recommend for promoting well being are:

Relationship Cards

In sessions and Relationship Bootcamp I discuss how to use these cards as a way to check-in on the relationship.


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