Fearless Believer

Are you a worried mom that wants the best for her family and kids perhaps? Maybe you’re a single dad making your best efforts with still, not much success in your relationships.

Stephanie has many talents, but the ones that stand out are her genuine devotion to the wellbeing of those who are in her presence and her wide understanding of getting through challenges in life.

She enjoyed working as an educational assistant for many years; however, her desire to become a psychologist never diminished as she wanted to help children in a different, more in depth capacity. She is currently preparing to receive her Masters degree in Psychology to immediately pursue “Psychological Associate” with the College.

While Stephanie has vast experience working with children and adolescents especially those with special needs, she also has come to enjoy working with the parents. Supporting the family system to best create a thriving environment is a huge part of working with children. Stephanie has a wide tool box of evidence based techniques that have the potential to improve the quality of your family life.

She is aware of each individuals unique needs and believes every single child or adult has potential and value. She strives to help the children, adolescents and parents reach their full potential and to help them become the best version of themselves.


ASD, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Parental Support, Neurodivergent Adult Support, Psychoeducational Assessments

Supervised Practice under Dr. Z Fierro, C Psych and Dr. V Mpumlwana, C. Psych.