Transformation Companion

My name is Elsa Alvarez Castro; I am a woman, daughter, mother and wife. Many experiences throughout my life have taught me the importance of spirituality and service to others. Since I finished my Bachelor in Psychology Colombia 25 years ago, I have had the opportunity to work passionately in the psychology field, sharing with people of all ages who gave me invaluable lessons

I believe in God, the importance of the family, and the infinite possibilities the human being has to modify his circumstances and the chance that he has to transform himself into the best version that he can be for himself. I also believe in the life balance that sometimes is difficult to achieve, but it is customized according to everyone’s expectations. I concluded that success and happiness come from the enjoyment of the path you pass through towards your goal; It is daily learning that we should be aware of. That is why all of us are in life school, including me, and this is a course that nobody can avoid. The importance of failures can revise our system to do things and be willing and open to be humble and change our behavior to change our results.


Trauma/PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Violence, Elder Abuse, Immigration