Dr. Zafire Fierro, PhD, C.Psych, Clinical Psychologist

Wellness Lifestyle Alchemist

Ever since Zafire was 11, she knew she wanted to help others achieve their potential and live the life they desired. However, her path to creating the life she enjoys today was neither easy nor straightforward.

A number of childhood traumas led to Zafire being a homeless high school drop out at 17. With determination, taking it one day at a time, she was slowly able to get her life back on track. She can proudly say she now holds a Masters degree in family and couples therapy, a second Masters in pediatric clinical psychology, and a PhD in clinical psychology.

A traumatic near death experience 13 years ago profoundly changed Dr.Z’s approach to life and therapy. She is thrilled to see mindfulness, connecting with the higher self, and the manifesting power of thought becoming more widely accepted by the psychological community. 


Trauma, (C)-PTSD, Relationships, Personality Disorders, Diagnostic Assessments