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Aimee Chouinard

Truth Advocate

While growing up, and throughout school I realized that inequalities and inequities shape our society. I want to step outside of the box and find the gaps within the mental health field in order to provide care. My education has afforded me the opportunity to criticize underrepresented themes in psychology and I want to be an inroad to the marginalized, racially profiled, high-risk youth and individuals from different walks of life.

A major trauma at the age of 25 impacted my life immensely and created and transformed the direction forever. This event cast a shadow over my existence and ultimately influenced me to choose psychology as a career. I continue to question and be inspired by everything within the field of psychology and have decided to not settle for the face value of life.

My own traumatic experiences have allowed me to find my calling and now I am able to support, inspire, and advocate for others to find their truth(s).


Trauma/PTSD, Marginalized Persons, Parenting, LGBT+ (incl. Transitioning), Addictions